Teaching Tricks, What Is Your Beagle Telling You?

Beagle Laying Down

In order to train your Beagle successfully, you must be able to tell him both clearly and consistently what it is that you want. The better you become at this, the faster and easier he will learn. Along with using using your voice and body language to communicate with him, use touch, facial expressions, and […]

Intervertebral Disk Disease In Beagles


Intervertebral Disk Disease is one of the very few hereditary limb conditions that exist in Beagles. It is characterized as a crippling genetic condition most likely associated with exaggerated conformation. It will usually make its appearance in middle age and will cause intense pain, commonly in the neck region when the Beagle is moving or […]

Allergic Pneumonitis (PIE) Syndrome In Beagles


Allergic Pneumonitis (PIE) Syndrome is rather common in Beagles and is believed to have many causes. Rather than it being defined as a single disease, it is considered to be a manifestation of several different diseases. It is a subacute or chronic allergic inflammation of the small bronchioles and alveoli within the lungs and is […]

Hypothyroidism In Beagles


The most common hormonal disorder affecting Beagles is Hypothyroidism which results from a deficiency of thyroid hormone. The cause of canine hypothyroidism usually stems from the destruction of the thyroid gland due to atrophy, cancer, or from an immune-mediated process called lymphocytic thyroiditis (an inflammation of the thyroid gland which involves lymphocytes). The development of […]

Functions Of The AKC

Beagle in Field

There are two major all-breed dog registries within the United States, the AKC and UKC. The American Kennel Club, or more widely known as the AKC, is both the largest and most influential all-breed dog club in the U.S. Founded in 1884, the AKC’s purpose is for registering and maintaining studbooks for all breeds of […]

Learning Tricks, Is Your Beagle Left- Or Right-Pawed?

Beagle Laying Down

When attempting to teach your Beagle new tricks, keep in mind that dogs tend to be right- or left-handed, just like us humans. What this means is that your dog will find some tricks to be easier for him to perform on one side versus the other. By paying attention and observing how your Beagle […]

Tapeworms And Beagles


Tapeworms are not transmitted from Beagle to Beagle, as they require secondary hosts. A variety of species use rodents, deer, ground birds, or fleas for their secondary hosts. In order to be infected a Beagle must eat part of the carcass of one of these hosts. A heavily infested dog will have a dry coat […]

Lick Granuloma In Beagles


Your Beagle may compulsively begin to lick and chew at an easily accessible extremity, such as his lower leg, toe, or wrist. A Granuloma is the pink, rounded, and fleshy tissue mass growing within such an abrasion. These lick lesions may be started by anything that irritates and attracts the Beagle to a certain area […]