Bathing Your Beagle

The Beagle DogBeagles do not need to be bathed very often. A bath about twice a year should be sufficient unless otherwise needed, such as an encounter with a skunk, because if bathed too often, a Beagles coat will dry out and become robbed of its healthy oil. Both spring and fall are the best times to bathe your Beagle, this is time when her coat will loosen and she’ll start shedding. When her seasonal shedding is just about finished, and her coat is a bit ratty looking and dry, remove as much of the dead hair as you can by brushing or combing her, then apply shampoo and water. Before you begin you may want to take a couple precautionary measures first, such as placing a drop of mineral oil or petroleum jelly in each of her eyes, and plugging each ear canal with a tightly twisted cotton ball.

If bathing your Beagle in a bathtub, be sure to have a drain filter in place ahead of time. Fill the tub with about 6-8 inches of warm water, then place her in the tub. Wet her coat thoroughly, then using a good dog shampoo work up a lather. Unless you know for sure that she has fleas or ticks, don’t use an insecticide shampoo. Using a hose attached to the warm water faucet, rinse her coat by tightly holding the hose against her body, this helps to minimize splash. If needed, repeat shampooing. Never spray water in her face and always keep the soap away from her face as well.

Drying your Beagle is easily done by using a towel. Be warned however that after a bath, Beagles just love to roll around in anything, such as the lawn, or anything else that has scents to help her get rid of the scent of soap.

Beagle Image via Wikipedia


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