Beagle Coat Care

Beagle in FieldThe Beagle has a medium length coat which is both close and hard. When compared with that of a Poodle, Collie or Keeshond, it requires very little grooming but should never be neglected, as coat care is very important.

It is unnecessary to trim a Beagle’s coat, however scissors will occasionally be used to remove hairs that are untamed and distracting.

Coat-care equipment for most Beagles will consist of either a slicker, a brush, or a grooming mitt. It’s usually sufficient to clean the coat a few times each week by just using a slicker brush or a rubber currycomb. A grooming mitt which is worn on the hand and has a palm that is covered in soft plastic nubs is the preferred choice by some Beagle owners. For many years short-bristle brushes have also been used and they work just as well.

To remove dust and dandruff and to put on a glossy shine on the show-dog coat, a chamois cloth which is moistened with just a little dab of alcohol may be used.

Always brush your Beagle’s coat in the same direction as her hair lies naturally, from front to back. More vigorous brushing will help to remove accumulated dead hair during the shedding season, and now and then, by reversing the direction of the brushing, it may help to dislodge loose hair.


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