Beagle Ear Care

First-aidCaring for your Beagles ears is an important part of Beagle ownership. While regularly grooming your Beagle, you should always be to sure to include a careful inspection of her ears as well. Any nicks or small cuts and abrasions on the tips of her ears should be attended to when found. Hold the Beagles ears upward and inspect the external ear canals for wax and any other foreign material, such as foxtails or any other grass awns. These objects should be cleaned while using a cotton ball that has been moistened with either witch hazel or rubbing alcohol. Take care to wipe away any excessive wax, but never stick your finger or a cotton swab into the Beagles ear canal, you could easily penetrate or injure her ear drum. A foreign body that has made its way into the ear canal and out of sight could be forced in deeper and could possibly penetrate or injure her ear drum as well. It your Beagle whimpers while you are inspecting her ears, shakes her head excessively, or walks with her head tipped, check for dark wax in her ear canals. These are the typical signs of an ear mite infestation or foreign material launched deep in her ear canals. If your Beagle is showing any of these telltale signs, or has a foul odor or pus coming from her ears, this means a trip to the veterinarian is warranted.


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