Beagle Eye Care

First-aidYour Beagles eyes should be inspected every single day, and any mucus found should be removed by using a moistened cotton ball. If you find your Beagle squinting often you should carefully examine her eyes. The squinting could be caused by a superficial scratch on her cornea or by either a foreign object such as an insect, a tiny piece of twig, or even a bit a of dirt or dust that has been trapped beneath her eyelid. Any redness, persistent squinting, or any other type of abnormalities seen in her eyes or eyelids should warrant a trip to your local veterinarian.

Because Beagles are very energetic hunters they run with their noses to the ground and their eyes wide open in brambles, brush, and any other type of ground cover, their eyes should always be inspected for the presence of any kind of debris after every forage within the woods or weed infested areas. If any debris is indeed found within her eye, her eye should then be flushed by squeezing a cotton ball that has been saturated with tepid water directly over it. After her eye has been cleared of all foreign material, a very small amount of mineral oil or petroleum jelly should be carefully dropped in her eye.

Never use an eyewash that is meant for human use unless you’re veterinarian has advised you to do so, this is because there are some ophthalmic ointments and solutions which contain steroids. The use of steroids may prevent the healing of corneal scratches.


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