Picking Up and Holding Beagles Properly

The Beagle DogA Beagle should never be picked up by the scruff of her neck or by her forelegs. The proper way to pick up and hold a Beagle is to first kneel down, then take one palm and slide it under her chest, and the other beneath her belly, and scoop her up into your arms. With one hand support her rear end while supporting her forequarters with the other.

Picking Up and Holding Beagle Pups:

An adult human can usually carry a tiny Beagle pup in just one hand. You should slide your arm beneath her body, and support her chest with your hand. The pup’s weight will be cradled on your forearm, and your fingers should be lightly gripping her front legs. For the pup’s safety however, you may want to use both hands since Beagles like to twist and wriggle. Always insist that children pick up and carry a Beagle with both hands and cradle her in both arms while holding her snuggly to their body and taking care not to squeeze her too tightly for the Beagle’s protection.

When a child is ready to put a Beagle down, have the child kneel down and gently place her on the floor. Never allow a child to drop her even from a short distance. A Beagle pup can sustain serious injuries from a fall of a foot.

Beagle Image via Wikipedia


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