Beagle Colors

The Beagle DogIf you’re like most people, when you think of a Beagle, you think of the classic black, white, and tan Beagle. But actually, Beagles come in many colors and many color combinations. The AKC (The American Kennel Club) recognizes twenty five color combinations. These twenty five color combinations are derived from a total of ten different colors.

The ten colors that Beagles come in are: tan, white, lemon, brown, blue, red, black, fawn, bluetick, and redtick.

The twenty five AKC recognized Beagle color combinations are: 1. tan 2. white 3. brown 4. lemon 5. red 6. blue 7. black 8. black and white 9. blue and white 10. red and black 11.  black and tan 12.  brown and white 13. lemon and white 14. red and white 15. tan and white 16. black, red, and white 17. black, tan and white 18. black, white and tan 19. black, tan and bluetick 20. black, tan, and redtick 21. black, fawn and white 22. brown, white and tan 23. blue, tan and white 24. red, black and white and 25. white, black and tan.

That sure is a lot of different color combinations, but it’s really only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the actual number of real combinations. Differences in color shades and markings (of which there are six distinct markings that a Beagle could have) make the actual number of possible combinations endless. No two Beagles are the same, in fact, a color pattern to a beagle is as unique as a finger print to a human.

Beagle Image via Wikipedia


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