The Beagle Dog Breed

The Beagle DogCountry of Origin: Great Britain

The smallest of the pack hounds, the Beagle was developed originally to hunt rabbits. The Beagle has become a world wide favorite amongst families due to his small stature and happy go lucky personality.

They come in a large variety of colors; with black, tan and white being the most popular color combination. Beagles stand between 13 to 15 inches in height and their lifespan is approximately 12 to 15 years. Their short, dense, weatherproof coat requires very little grooming and they generally tend to keep themselves very clean.

The Beagle breed is an ideal pet for families. They love being a part of the family and are generally very well behaved with children. This little hound is also an ideal companion for an active yet easy going owner who wants an affectionate and happy pet. They love to run and make an excellent jogging partner. However, if jogging’s not your thing, a couple of walks each day along with some active play time will keep these little guys happy and fit.

Generally healthy dogs, Beagles are however prone to some health issues such as seizures, epilepsy and eye problems. They also if allowed to do so, will over eat. This is a serious issue because Beagles can easily become obese and unhealthy without food portion control and regular exercise.

The best setting for the Beagle would be in the country, but they can adapt to city living quite well. Proper socialization is a must for this breed, as well as a fenced in yard, because once the Beagle gets a scent, there’s almost no stopping him!

Beagle Image via Wikipedia


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