How To Make A Vital Signs Chart For Your Beagle

First-aidKnowing and keeping a chart of your Beagles’ vital signs is an important step to take in becoming a responsible pet owner. A vital signs chart will help you to recognize and judge between the normal vital signs for your Beagle and what’s abnormal.

How to make a vital signs chart for your Beagle?

Step 1 is to take and record your dogs’ rectal temperature. Her temperature should be taken first thing in the morning and then taken again after she has been exercising hard. The normal range for a Beagle should be between 101.5-102.5°F (38.5-39.5°C).

Step 2 is to record her respiratory rate and the character of her breathing before and after exercise. The normal respiration rate for a dog is between 10 and 30 breaths per minute, this can only be evaluated while she is breathing through her nose only, not while panting.

Step 3 is to take your Beagles’ pulse while resting and again after hard exercise. To take her pulse, press your finger against the inside of her thigh, roughly halfway between her knee and hip. The normal resting heart rate of a Beagle is between 70-90 beats per minute.

Step 4 is to observe the color of your dogs’ tongue and gums, they should be a bright pink and moist. Take your finger and press it firmly against her gums for a few seconds. Beneath your finger, the mucous membrane should turn white. Once you remove your finger it should return to its normal color quickly. The time is takes the white area to return to its normal pink color is called Capillary Filling Time, this should take about 2 seconds.

And finally, examine your Beagles’ eyes. Her eyes should be bright, glossy and moist with clear corneas.

Store your Beagles’ vital signs chart in your canine first-aid kit for easy reference.


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