Benefits Of Neutering Your Beagle

Male BeagleNeutering a male Beagle or castration, means the surgical removal of both testicles. Recovery is usually very quick with no surprises, and after just a few days your Beagle should be back to his old self.

Vasectomy on the other hand is a whole different procedure altogether. During a vasectomy, the surgeon surgically transects and ties the vas deferens, or the tubes that are the channels through which the sperm travel. Though vasectomy will render your Beagle sterile, it will not alter his desire or his ability to copulate. Whenever a bitch is in heat nearby, he will still get excited, and he will still run off to find himself a girlfriend at every given chance.


  • Neutering or castration helps prevent the birth of unwanted puppies.
  • Prostatitis, prostatic cancer, testicular tumors, are averted by castration.
  • Aggressiveness reduction is a benefit in some dogs, but remember Beagle’s are some of the most even-tempered dogs around.
  • Castration helps to curb the desire to wander in search of females in heat, and probably is the most common reason for having the operation done.

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