Benefits Of Spaying Your Beagle

Beagle PupSpaying your female Beagle is a surgical procedure where both her ovaries and uterus are removed (or ovariohysterectomy) and the benefits far outweigh just an arbitrary birth-control program. Having the procedure done can help to extend her life by preventing several serious diseases. During the operation your Beagle will be put under general anesthetic and she will require a minimal hospitalization stay. She should be back to acting and eating like her normal self within just a few days.

The Benefits of Having Your Beagle Spayed:

  • She can’t become pregnant.
  • If performed early, before heat cycles, breast cancer will rarely develop.
  • She will no longer go through three-week heat cycles twice a year.
  • The procedure will not change her personality, trainability, ambition, growth, or development.
  • The procedure will preclude the development of hormone-related conditions, such as endometritis and pyometra.

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