Ear Infections In Beagles

First-aidOtitis Externa (Ear Infection)

Beagle’s as well as other long-eared dogs are much more prone to develop ear infections than other types of breeds. Ear infections can be caused by either an excess wax buildup in the external ear canal which then predisposes the Beagle to a secondary infection, or caused by foreign material lodged within their ear canals. Excess wax buildup in the ear canal will cause the Beagles’ ear to itch a lot and be quite bothersome. This itching within her ear will cause the dog to shake her head and scratch her ear violently which causes serum to ooze into the canal, which in turn only serves to feed the infecting bacteria more. Treatment for the infection will include thoroughly cleaning the ear and placing medication directly into the ear canal.

Foreign material, such as seedpods from certain wild grasses which are called awns, can also cause infections of the ear. Awns are small and pointed structures that are attached to stiff beards. These bearded awns will quite often make their way into the Beagles ear canal’s which causes a lot of discomfort to the dog. In this case, a trip to your veterinarian’s office will be required for removal.


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