Intervertebral Disk Disease In Beagles

First-aidIntervertebral Disk Disease is one of the very few hereditary limb conditions that exist in Beagles. It is characterized as a crippling genetic condition most likely associated with exaggerated conformation. It will usually make its appearance in middle age and will cause intense pain, commonly in the neck region when the Beagle is moving or being handled.

This disease becomes known when the cushioning disks between spinal bones dislocate or rupture, in turn exerting pressure on the spinal cord. The severity of signs displayed are determined by the position of the disk injury. Telltale signs include intense pain, general discomfort with or without paralysis of the hind legs, and shaking. The disease may occur quite suddenly and progress to total posterior paralysis within a relatively short period of time, or it may leave the Beagle with the ability to walk unsteadily, weaving and staggering.

It is imperative that this disease receive immediate professional diagnosis and therapy.


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