Leptospirosis In Beagles

First-aidLeptospirosis, usually shortened to Lepto, is a preventable disease by way of vaccines, which causes kidney damage that may be fatal to a Beagle. Lepto is transmitted through urine and is highly contagious, it may infect humans as well as other mammals. Aquatic rodents are often the source for this disease.

The signs of Lepto will include appetite loss, thirst, lethargy, diarrhea, rust-colored urine, and vomiting. Beagles who are affected with Lepto will sometimes walk with a peculiar stilted, roach-backed gait. Treatment with antibiotics may be effective, but more often than not, permanent kidney damage is the result. Lepto can be preventable with a vaccine that is often combined with CD and CAV-1 vaccines given at weaning time and repeated annually.


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