Lick Granuloma In Beagles

First-aidYour Beagle may compulsively begin to lick and chew at an easily accessible extremity, such as his lower leg, toe, or wrist. A Granuloma is the pink, rounded, and fleshy tissue mass growing within such an abrasion. These lick lesions may be started by anything that irritates and attracts the Beagle to a certain area are most usually associated with tiny cuts, flea bites, insect stings, painful arthritic joints, or slivers.

A never-ending vicious cycle then ensues. As the area itches, the Beagle will lick and chew. The more he licks, the worse the lesion will become until the cycle is habitual. Whenever compulsive licking begins, veterinary care should be sought out immediately.

To physically prevent licking an Elizabethan Collar may be worn as a restraint. The collar is sometimes combined with topical antibiotics or steroids to relieve surface infection and to combat the itch. Tricyclic antidepressants or opiate blockers, occasionally may help.


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