Recognizing Shock In Beagles

Shock is a complex multisymptom condition that is difficult to define, evaluate, and treat. One must always be on the alert for it whenever an emergencFirst-aidy arises. Beagles in shock don’t always look the same. They may be either alert or unconscious, cold or feverish, depressed or anxious.

The common signs of shock include a bluish or pale tongue and gums; rapid and shallow respiration; prolonged capillary filling time; a rapid heart rate; and a thready pulse.

Shock can result from severe animal bites, poisoning, an incident causing internal or external hemorrhage, or blunt trauma, snakebites, or puncture wounds. Shock may also occur do to an acute allergic reaction to antibiotics or other drugs.

Shock may progress. When it is suspected, control any bleeding, keep your Beagle warm, and get him to the vet right away.


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