Functions Of The AKC

Beagle in FieldThere are two major all-breed dog registries within the United States, the AKC and UKC. The American Kennel Club, or more widely known as the AKC, is both the largest and most influential all-breed dog club in the U.S. Founded in 1884, the AKC’s purpose is for registering and maintaining studbooks for all breeds of dogs. It also functions to sanction various types of dog events as well as to promote responsible dog ownership. The AKC also offers a full line of education and information and maintains libraries and museums, making it a wonderful canine resource. What the AKC is not – an organization of and for breeders. It is a registry service. It does not set breeder standards and is not responsible for uniform practices by dog breeders.

When a dog becomes registered with either of the all-breed organizations, this means that the dog’s parents and progenitors were purebreed. Except for in the events it sanctions, neither the AKC or the UKC has regulatory functions. A dog registered with one of these organizations does not assure that he is of superior conformation, nor does it imply inspection by that organization. Also the notation “registered” does not suggest good health or superior personality, aptitude, or attitude.

The AKC dog show judges are both trained and licensed by that registry, however, they are selected and paid directly by the clubs who are sponsoring the events. Although standardization by the registries, trophies and ribbons, are imprinted and bought by the clubs as well.


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