Stop Your Beagle From Excessive Digging

Beagle DiggingBeagles make fantastic pets for people of all ages and are extremely loyal and intelligent as well. Because Beagles were originally bred to hunt and are a member of the hound family, they have a natural desire to dig.

Since it’s in a Beagle’s nature to dig, it can be a bit of a challenge to get them to stop, but by trying a few training tips, you should start to soon see an improvement. The Beagle has the ability to learn new commands rather quickly and there are a handful of useful methods that you could try to stop your dog from digging. You will need to experiment with the different methods until you find the right one that works for both you and your Beagle successfully.

While training your Beagle not to dig, it’s important to remember to stay calm yet firm at all times. If you let yourself become anxious or stressed your Beagle will sense it and you may end up just increasing her digging behavior or she’ll become stubborn and refuse to learn.

  • One way to stop your Beagle from digging is to try using dog treats. Many dogs, including the Beagle, tend to respond to dog treats very well. The treats should only be used when your dog positively responds to the command to stop her digging. You should choose specific treats to use during your Beagle’s training so that she’ll know that when she pays attention to the command and positively responds during her training she will receive her reward. The treats you use can be biscuits, dog chews, dog snacks, or small pieces of meat, but be sure they are bite size.
  • Another method to try to stop a Beagle from digging is to use a pat and a praise. Beagles love to please their owners as they are a very loyal breed of dog. They will want to show you more of their good behavior to receive your praise and attention if they can see that you are happy with it.
  • You may also stop your Beagle’s digging by using a lead and collar and gently leading her away from the area that she excessively digs. Never use a lead and collar in a negative way. If you do so, you may cause her harm or she may think that you are going cause her harm.
  • And the final method to try to stop your Beagle’s excessive digging is to give her her own area in your back yard to freely dig. By giving your Beagle her own small area she may dig all she wants. You could try giving her her own sand box and fill it with plenty of sand or even plant grass for her to dig. Until your Beagle learns that she cannot dig in the areas outside of her designated digging space, you will need to keep an eye on her to tell her off if you find her digging in any area not designated as her own. You must tell your Beagle off while she is in the act of digging and never after the fact so that she will understand what she’s doing wrong.

In conclusion. If you’ve tried all of the above tips and still see no improvement, you should consider the services of a professional dog trainer or taking your Beagle to a professional dog training school as there may be a more serious underlying issue involved.


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