How to Stop Your Beagle From Jumping Up

Beagle JumpingJumping up is a very undesirable behavior in Beagles that should be quickly discouraged as soon as possible. This inappropriate behavior is one that is commonly seen and is a plea for training; as this behavior is almost an instinct in dogs who have little respect for their people.

Your Beagle’s jumping up behavior can be easily stopped without making her uncomfortable, without knocking her down to the ground by using your knee, or stepping upon her toes. You will only exacerbate the problem if you just shut her away from you. Below are three different techniques that you may want to give a try:

  • The first of the three techniques is to just turn and walk away. It’s highly unlikely that your Beagle will jump on your back. She’s just trying to gain your attention and seeking affection. After ignoring her for a few minutes, you’ll then want to kneel down and call her to you. When she comes, tell her she’s a good girl while at the same time scratching her ears and petting her. Give her a lot of praise for coming to you.
  • The second technique is for a trained Beagle who has already received some obedience lessons. When your dog starts to jump, use the halt or stop command. Follow this command immediately with sit, then you’ll want to kneel down and pet her. For her complete performance, reward her with praise and treats.
  • The third technique is schooling. Schooling will always be helpful; as Beagles who are kept busy and always have something to do will tend to develop behavioral problems less often than those who are bored.

How to keep your Beagle from boredom? Enroll her in obedience school, take her for daily walks, give her busy toys such as those that she must work at to receive the treat hidden inside, and play games with her such as scenting games.

In conclusion. Be sure to make yourself available to your dog and give her that extra attention she craves; also by making your daily comings and goings more of a routine will help to have less of an impact on her.


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