Learning Tricks, Is Your Beagle Left- Or Right-Pawed?

Beagle Laying DownWhen attempting to teach your Beagle new tricks, keep in mind that dogs tend to be right- or left-handed, just like us humans. What this means is that your dog will find some tricks to be easier for him to perform on one side versus the other. By paying attention and observing how your Beagle moves, you will be able to determine which side he naturally favors. Once you know for certain whether your dog is right- or left-handed, you will be able to help him learn new things/tricks much more easily by always starting on his “easier” side. However if you decide to teach him tricks by using both his sides, you can help him to become more supple and balanced.

Why you should teach your Beagle tricks:

For Your Beagle-

  • He gets quality time with you
  • Fun and treats
  • Chance to use his brain
  • A happy owner
  • Improvement in physical fitness and obedience

For You-

  • You get quality time with your dog
  • Fun and enjoyment
  • The excitement of learning how smart your dog is
  • The reward of seeing your dog’s enjoyment at showing off his talents
  • A more obedient, responsive, and happy dog



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