Teach Your Beagle The Whoa Command

Beagle On LeashAnytime you wish to restrain your Beagle, then this would be when the Whoa command would be put to use. An example scenario would be if say your Beagle is pulling on his leash hard. What you would then want to do in this situation, is in a calm voice tell him, “George (insert your own dogs’ name here of course), whoa!”, then enforce the command by using gentle, yet firm pressure on his leash. What you are looking for in a response here is for your dog to slacken his pace until he actually comes to a complete stop and waits for you to catch up too him. The Whoa command is not to be used as an emergency stop since it cannot predict immediate danger. The command does however let your Beagle know that you want him to slow down, wait, and acknowledge. You may teach this command by using treats as positive reinforcement but they are usually not needed.


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