How To Teach Your Beagle To Lay Down From A Stand

Beagle Laying DownThe goal of the following trick is to get your Beagle to lie down on the floor once you give him the “Down” command. He will stay in the upright down position, ready for the next move.

  • While your Beagle is standing, in an underhand position hold a tasty treat to his nose.
  • Next you’ll want to encourage your Beagle’s front end down by moving your hand as if you were going to take it between your dog’s front legs. Be sure to move the food slowly as you aim to get your Beagle to pivot down into the bow position.
  • Your Beagle’s hindquarters should drop if you keep your hand low and still, since lying is a position which is more comfortable for him. When your dog is almost in the down position, with a dog training clicker, click and then reward him with the treat once he is down. Keep repeating this process until your dog confidently goes down. When he has gained confidence add the verbal command “Down” (always be clear and concise with your command- “Down” should always mean the down position and never anything else) and continue to practice. Your Beagle should soon learn to drop into the down position on just receiving the verbal command.

Thoughts To Keep In Mind-

  • If your Beagle keeps stepping forward as you try to move him into a down position, initially click just for when he lowers his head. Once he successfully succeeds in completing this step, you can then start to work in small steps from this to then getting him to lower his front end onto the floor.
  • Hard surfaces may discourage some dogs from lying down.

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