How To Teach Your Beagle To Roll Over

Beagle Laying DownMany young Beagles can be easily taught the simple trick of rolling over. Before you attempt to try to teach your Beagle this trick however, you should be sure that you have her confidence beforehand as it will require a certain amount of trust on her part.

To begin you’ll want to kneel down and place your Beagle on her chest on the ground before you. Next you’ll want to place one of your hands with your palm up underneath her chest, between her elbows, while holding her elbows between your fingers. In your other hand offer her a treat she enjoys where she can see and smell it. With your treat hand you’ll want to make a circular motion while at the same time rolling her gently over with your other hand as you tell her “Over”. Give her the treat and praise and pet her when she has completed the rollover, keep telling her what a good girl she is.

If your Beagle becomes upset over this trick, put it on the back burner until she has gained more confidence. Only give her the treat when she has successfully completed the trick however. Never attempt to wrestle her down or scold her; force should never be used to achieve results.

If you wish to try again for successful execution of this trick, you will need to try to repeatedly reinforce her trust. In order to win her trust, turn her on her back and rub her tummy and flex her legs, then eventually roll her over while petting her. If you Beagle is successful in completing the trick, several times per day repeat it until she rolls over on command without any help from you physically. Be sure to always remember her reward.


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