How To Teach Your Beagle To Shake

Dog PawMost owners of an affectionate Beagle will more than likely have been taught this trick by their dog already, but for those who own a Beagle who is not used to offering up her paw, you can try to encourage her to do so. Sit on a chair and face your beagle who should also be in a seated position. In front of her right paw offer her your right hand while holding a treat in your left hand just slightly above her eye level. She will be encouraged to remain in a sitting position due to the enticing smell of the treat that is directly in front of her face.

Tell your Beagle to “Shake” and then reach with your right hand and lift up her right paw. Give her praise and give her the treat when the trick has been completed. Continue holding her paw for a second and then let it drop. Repeat this exercise another two or three times and then quit for the day and try again tomorrow. Your Beagle will quickly catch on to this trick. She’ll be approaching you several times a day with her paw extended looking for a shake and a treat before you know it.


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