How To Trim A Beagle’s Toenails

An adult Beagle who is regularly exercised may not need much in the nail care department. Beagle puppies on the other hand, should have their nails trimmed on a regular basis as their nails tend to grow at a more rapid pace. Regular nail inspection however, should be made a part of a Beagle’s routine […]

Bathing Your Beagle

Beagles do not need to be bathed very often. A bath about twice a year should be sufficient unless otherwise needed, such as an encounter with a skunk, because if bathed too often, a Beagles coat will dry out and become robbed of its healthy oil. Both spring and fall are the best times to […]

Picking Up and Holding Beagles Properly

A Beagle should never be picked up by the scruff of her neck or by her forelegs. The proper way to pick up and hold a Beagle is to first kneel down, then take one palm and slide it under her chest, and the other beneath her belly, and scoop her up into your arms. […]

Beagle Eye Care

Your Beagles eyes should be inspected every single day, and any mucus found should be removed by using a moistened cotton ball. If you find your Beagle squinting often you should carefully examine her eyes. The squinting could be caused by a superficial scratch on her cornea or by either a foreign object such as […]

Beagle Ear Care

Caring for your Beagles ears is an important part of Beagle ownership. While regularly grooming your Beagle, you should always be to sure to include a careful inspection of her ears as well. Any nicks or small cuts and abrasions on the tips of her ears should be attended to when found. Hold the Beagles […]

Beagle Coat Care

The Beagle has a medium length coat which is both close and hard. When compared with that of a Poodle, Collie or Keeshond, it requires very little grooming but should never be neglected, as coat care is very important. It is unnecessary to trim a Beagle’s coat, however scissors will occasionally be used to remove […]