Senoir-Pet Matchup Programs

A number of programs have been developed to encourage the good that pets can do for senior citizens, and vise versa. Two of these programs are: Pets for the Elderly Foundation (PEF)- A nonprofit organization “that provides the gift of health and happiness to senior citizens in need” by making donations to animal shelters across […]

Beagle Colors

If you’re like most people, when you think of a Beagle, you think of the classic black, white, and tan Beagle. But actually, Beagles come in many colors and many color combinations. The AKC (The American Kennel Club) recognizes twenty five color combinations. These twenty five color combinations are derived from a total of ten […]

The Beagle Dog Breed

Country of Origin: Great Britain The smallest of the pack hounds, the Beagle was developed originally to hunt rabbits. The Beagle has become a world wide favorite amongst families due to his small stature and happy go lucky personality. They come in a large variety of colors; with black, tan and white being the most […]