Teaching Tricks, What Is Your Beagle Telling You?

In order to train your Beagle successfully, you must be able to tell him both clearly and consistently what it is that you want. The better you become at this, the faster and easier he will learn. Along with using using your voice and body language to communicate with him, use touch, facial expressions, and […]

Functions Of The AKC

There are two major all-breed dog registries within the United States, the AKC and UKC. The American Kennel Club, or more widely known as the AKC, is both the largest and most influential all-breed dog club in the U.S. Founded in 1884, the AKC’s purpose is for registering and maintaining studbooks for all breeds of […]

Learning Tricks, Is Your Beagle Left- Or Right-Pawed?

When attempting to teach your Beagle new tricks, keep in mind that dogs tend to be right- or left-handed, just like us humans. What this means is that your dog will find some tricks to be easier for him to perform on one side versus the other. By paying attention and observing how your Beagle […]

Teach Your Beagle The Whoa Command

Anytime you wish to restrain your Beagle, then this would be when the Whoa command would be put to use. An example scenario would be if say your Beagle is pulling on his leash hard. What you would then want to do in this situation, is in a calm voice tell him, “George (insert your […]

How To Teach Your Beagle To Lay Down From A Stand

The goal of the following trick is to get your Beagle to lie down on the floor once you give him the “Down” command. He will stay in the upright down position, ready for the next move. While your Beagle is standing, in an underhand position hold a tasty treat to his nose. Next you’ll […]

Beagle Agility Training

Agility Training promotes conditioning, the focus of Beagles on their handlers, and a wonderful companionship between competitors and their dogs. It is a sport that requires no structured training and can be rather appealing to not only bored Beagles, but to their bored owners as well. The contestants in an Agility Trial are allowed to […]

Beagle Crate Training

Your Beagle’s crate will keep him safe from children, visiting dogs, or friends who are allergic. His crate should never be used as a form of punishment, it is to serve as a den or a place of refuge. Crate training will make housebreaking easier and make your Beagle more welcome in a friend or […]

How To Teach Your Beagle To Roll Over

Many young Beagles can be easily taught the simple trick of rolling over. Before you attempt to try to teach your Beagle this trick however, you should be sure that you have her confidence beforehand as it will require a certain amount of trust on her part. To begin you’ll want to kneel down and […]

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