AKC Beagle Field Champion Title

In order for a Beagle to earn an Championship title in the AKC Field Trials, he must have won a total of three first places and acquired 120 points total in classes that contained at least six starters. A Beagle will be assigned as a Dual Champion (DC) if he also earns a conformation title […]

The AKC Beagle Field Trials

The AKC Beagle Field Trials are events which are held by member clubs under the rules of the AKC. AKC-licensed judges perform the judging and strive for uniformity in everything that takes place within these events, whether it has to do with entry forms, ribbon colors, or even the judges’ decisions. The member club’s Field […]

The Beagle: A Gundog Foremost

The Beagle is first and foremost what is referred to as a gun dog, or a dog that has been specifically trained to help a hunter by pointing or retrieving game. The breed is predominately used for hunting abundant cottontail rabbit populations in America, which at one time were considered to be one of the […]

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