The AKC Beagle Field Trials

Beagle in FieldThe AKC Beagle Field Trials are events which are held by member clubs under the rules of the AKC. AKC-licensed judges perform the judging and strive for uniformity in everything that takes place within these events, whether it has to do with entry forms, ribbon colors, or even the judges’ decisions. The member club’s Field Trial Committee, which is appointed by its members, manages the actual trial.

Classes and Awards

The AKC Beagle Field Trials are run under one of four procedures (trials by other organizations’ follow different formats):

  • Braces on Wild Hare or Rabbit.
  • Small Packs on Wild Hare or Rabbit.
  • Small Packs Options on Wild Hare or Rabbit.
  • Large Packs on Hare.

Both Beagle field trial officials and the competitors are very concerned about Beagle size, the measuring rules, the measuring apparatus, and the tables. The certification of the size of the Beagle will also receive a lot of ink in the AKC rules as well.

The Beagles will be run according to both their size and sex. The dogs may be under 13 inches and over 13 inches but may not exceed 15 inches. The sexes will be run together if insufficient dogs are entered. Each Beagle may only be entered into one class. If a class has six or more Beagles entered then the winners are awarded field championship points according to the following schedule:

  • One point to the first-place winner for each starter.
  • ½ point to the second-place Beagle for each starter.
  • Third of a point to the third-place Beagle for each starter.
  • ¼ point to the fourth-place Beagle for each starter.

An eligible hound who meets all rule specifications is a starter.


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