The Beagle: A Gundog Foremost

Beagle in FieldThe Beagle is first and foremost what is referred to as a gun dog, or a dog that has been specifically trained to help a hunter by pointing or retrieving game.

The breed is predominately used for hunting abundant cottontail rabbit populations in America, which at one time were considered to be one of the most valued wild meat sources within this country.

As of late however, hares, those such as the snowshoe rabbit or the jackrabbit, have become the preferred choice amongst hunter’s since the cottontail is a swift opponent who goes to ground at the drop of a hat.

Although theses larger hares are somewhat lacking in the taste compartment, they are favored since they are much more likely to give the Beagle a faster and longer run, even if the game isn’t necessarily caught or killed.

Beagles are also used to hunt small mammalian game, such as the squirrel, in different areas of the country, and there are even some who are very adept when it comes to pursuing upland game birds like quail and pheasants.


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