The AKC Beagle Field Trials

The AKC Beagle Field Trials are events which are held by member clubs under the rules of the AKC. AKC-licensed judges perform the judging and strive for uniformity in everything that takes place within these events, whether it has to do with entry forms, ribbon colors, or even the judges’ decisions. The member club’s Field […]

How To Teach Your Beagle To Lay Down From A Stand

The goal of the following trick is to get your Beagle to lie down on the floor once you give him the “Down” command. He will stay in the upright down position, ready for the next move. While your Beagle is standing, in an underhand position hold a tasty treat to his nose. Next you’ll […]

Hyperthyroidism In Beagles

The clinical syndrome known as hyperthyroidism is caused when functional thyroid tumors secrete excess thyroid hormone into the Beagle’s blood. The clinical signs of hyperthyroidism include weight loss, an increase in thirst and urination, an increase in appetite, aggressive behavior and hyperactivity. The thyroid tumors responsible for causing hyperthyroidism may be either small benign masses […]

How To Trim A Beagle’s Toenails

An adult Beagle who is regularly exercised may not need much in the nail care department. Beagle puppies on the other hand, should have their nails trimmed on a regular basis as their nails tend to grow at a more rapid pace. Regular nail inspection however, should be made a part of a Beagle’s routine […]

Beagle Agility Training

Agility Training promotes conditioning, the focus of Beagles on their handlers, and a wonderful companionship between competitors and their dogs. It is a sport that requires no structured training and can be rather appealing to not only bored Beagles, but to their bored owners as well. The contestants in an Agility Trial are allowed to […]

Beagle Crate Training

Your Beagle’s crate will keep him safe from children, visiting dogs, or friends who are allergic. His crate should never be used as a form of punishment, it is to serve as a den or a place of refuge. Crate training will make housebreaking easier and make your Beagle more welcome in a friend or […]

Benefits Of Neutering Your Beagle

Neutering a male Beagle or castration, means the surgical removal of both testicles. Recovery is usually very quick with no surprises, and after just a few days your Beagle should be back to his old self. Vasectomy on the other hand is a whole different procedure altogether. During a vasectomy, the surgeon surgically transects and […]

Leptospirosis In Beagles

Leptospirosis, usually shortened to Lepto, is a preventable disease by way of vaccines, which causes kidney damage that may be fatal to a Beagle. Lepto is transmitted through urine and is highly contagious, it may infect humans as well as other mammals. Aquatic rodents are often the source for this disease. The signs of Lepto […]

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