Intervertebral Disk Disease In Beagles

Intervertebral Disk Disease is one of the very few hereditary limb conditions that exist in Beagles. It is characterized as a crippling genetic condition most likely associated with exaggerated conformation. It will usually make its appearance in middle age and will cause intense pain, commonly in the neck region when the Beagle is moving or […]

Dwarfism in Beagles

Chondrodystrophy or dwarfism is a hereditary disease which is seen in several unrelated breeds, including the Alaskan Malamute and the Beagle. In simple terms, the disease involves a growth defect in the long bones of the Beagles legs which leaves him with a stunted appearance. Usually by three or four weeks of age the signs […]

Progressive Retinal Atrophy In Beagles

Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) is a serious hereditary eye disease. As the disease progresses, a degeneration of the retinal cells occurs and leaves the Beagle unable to see stationary objects. PRA in Beagles will usually cause vision impairment by around age five, this is when dilated pupils and night blindness are first noticed. All Beagle […]

Cherry Eye In Beagles

The nictitating membrane, which is otherwise known as the third eyelid, will usually appear as a tiny pink structure located at the inside corner of the Beagles’ eye. Sometimes the gland which is located on the underside of this membrane will become swollen and inflamed. It is this swelling and inflammation that in turn will […]