Learning Tricks, Is Your Beagle Left- Or Right-Pawed?

When attempting to teach your Beagle new tricks, keep in mind that dogs tend to be right- or left-handed, just like us humans. What this means is that your dog will find some tricks to be easier for him to perform on one side versus the other. By paying attention and observing how your Beagle […]

Teach Your Beagle The Whoa Command

Anytime you wish to restrain your Beagle, then this would be when the Whoa command would be put to use. An example scenario would be if say your Beagle is pulling on his leash hard. What you would then want to do in this situation, is in a calm voice tell him, “George (insert your […]

How To Teach Your Beagle To Lay Down From A Stand

The goal of the following trick is to get your Beagle to lie down on the floor once you give him the “Down” command. He will stay in the upright down position, ready for the next move. While your Beagle is standing, in an underhand position hold a tasty treat to his nose. Next you’ll […]

Beagle Agility Training

Agility Training promotes conditioning, the focus of Beagles on their handlers, and a wonderful companionship between competitors and their dogs. It is a sport that requires no structured training and can be rather appealing to not only bored Beagles, but to their bored owners as well. The contestants in an Agility Trial are allowed to […]

Stop Your Beagle From Excessive Digging

Beagles make fantastic pets for people of all ages and are extremely loyal and intelligent as well. Because Beagles were originally bred to hunt and are a member of the hound family, they have a natural desire to dig. Since it’s in a Beagle’s nature to dig, it can be a bit of a challenge […]

How to Stop Your Beagle From Jumping Up

Jumping up is a very undesirable behavior in Beagles that should be quickly discouraged as soon as possible. This inappropriate behavior is one that is commonly seen and is a plea for training; as this behavior is almost an instinct in dogs who have little respect for their people. Your Beagle’s jumping up behavior can […]

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